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Wednesday March 24, 2010

They Make it Look Good, So We Don't Have to

It was pretty much Blove (Blog Love) at first sight when one of us came across Aimee's blog a little over a year ago. Recently, we at Threadsence were fortunate enough to hook up with Aimee in person for a little meet & greet. Currently she resides in San Francisco studying Interior Architecture whilst providing all you fashionistas out there with her ever-so-cute stylings, musings on life, and oh yea, pics of her doggie!

1. What inspired or motivated you to start your blog? Initially I wanted to do a blog about home decor and architecture but after discovering style blogs I realized taking pictures of myself is way easier than linking back all the pictures to the original sources.

2. How did you decide on the format and style of your blog (i.e. Styling outfits and posing for the camera)? It wasn't that hard since by the time I started there were already a lot of other fashion blogs that I was reading so I just simply copied them! Definitely not original of me. hehehe

3. Where do you currently reside? Where would you ideally like to reside? I live in San Francisco at the moment for school but ideally I would like to move back to LA if the bank account permits. haha

4. What is your must-have article of clothing or accessory right now? Since it's spring I am into laces, sheer clothing, florals, and pastel colors.

5. If you were stranded on an island and had only one fashion item to your liking, what would it be? I don't think I'd think about being stylish if I'm stranded on an island, but just incase I want to look pretty when being rescued, I'd say a cute floral dress?

6. What are your favorite fashion and style blogs right now? I like Karla's Closet because she doesn't follow any trends and she's just beautiful. I also enjoy reading Studded Hearts & Le Fashion for inspiration.

7. What do you like to do when not blogging about fashion? I like to spend time with my boyfriend and my little dog Charcoal.

8. All that blogging must take up a lot of energy. What is your favorite food to munch on in order to provide you with your Super Blogging Powers? Mexican Food! I can eat mexican food every single day! My favorite is super shrimp burrito with chips! =D

9. Favorite Designer: I don't have a particular favorite but I love Miu Miu's collection and Chloe. If money was not an option, I'd buy all of their stuff!