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Wednesday March 24, 2010

They Make it Look Good, So We Don't Have to

It started off with a simple, eye-catching blog post, followed by continual entries that really demanded our attention. Fast forward close to a year later and here we are writing a blurb about Rachel of ThatsChic. Better yet, we were blessed with Rachel's presence at our office not too long ago for an amazing collaboration. Hailing from the wonderful County of Oranges (we're partially biased of course) with the sun at her back and the camera at full focus, this 20-year old blogging sweetheart has won the Threadsence team over, and we're positive she'll do the same with you!!!

1. What inspired or motivated you to start your blog? I started my blog literally before blogging became a huge ordeal. In fact, I think Susie Bubble was the only one in existence (that I read at least). From there I just thought it would be nice to have a creative outlook in my humble, monotonous life.

2. How did you decide on the format and style of your blog (i.e. Styling outfits and posing for the camera)? Haha, I still feel awkward taking pictures for my blog, but I guess when you take a million pictures of yourself for a post, you start to know your angles (watching America's Next Top Model helps too - thank you Tyra). My blog is literally an extension of me. It's not a styling act or a facade; it is who I am documented in every post.

3. Where do you currently reside? Where would you ideally like to reside? I live in Orange County - I guess it's pretty cool in some areas but after going to New York Fashion Week, I wouldn't mind a loft in Brookyln.

4. What is your must-have article of clothing or accessory right now? I'm in dire need of cool, vintage-inspired sunglasses and a long skirt that upon donning, will make me closely resemble a mermaid. Neither of which I've found.

5. If you were stranded on an island and had only one fashion item to your liking, what would it be? A parachute dress from All-Saints duh. Imagine the possibilities with the nylon and how cute I will look playing survivor.

6. What are your favorite fashion and style blogs right now? I've stayed loyal to the big gun blogs, but my new favorites are Zanita (, The Showmanship (, and The Streethearts (

7. What do you like to do when not blogging about fashion? Eat and shop. Pretty much anything that involves me being lazy or spending my money.

8. All that blogging must take up a lot of energy. What is your favorite food to munch on in order to provide you with your Super Blogging Powers? I eat a lot of fruit when I'm on the computer.

9. Favorite Designer: That is such a toss-up. I think one of my all time favorite houses is Chloe especially during the Paulo era. Haider Ackermann is crawling up there on my faves; his F/W 10 collection is amazing.