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Braving the roadtrip to middle of nowhere Tennessee gets you some serious music festival cred, and it’s worth it for the Southern hospitality, diverse line up, and four full days of awesome live music. There’s something about the crowd at Bonnaroo that is different than any other fest – these are the hardcore music fans. They aren’t here to day party and check out a band or two in the evening. Make sure your festival clothing veers towards the hippie side of boho chic and sway to the music alongside the hippies.

1. Boots and Spurs

Comfy boots are a total must. With 7 stages, 700 acres, and 4 days, it’s not a time to mess around. Flip flops and heels are a death sentence for your feet. Just. Don’t.

2. Superjam It

Superjam is an alotted time where a bunch of people from bigger performing bands get together and jam. You won’t know who will be there until you show up, but that’s kind of what’s awesome about it.

3. Fish Tacos and Lemonade

Nuff said. Find that stand. Pitch your tent next to it.

4. Get social

It’s Tennesee, y’all. Leave your city aloofness behind, because people are weirdly nice out here. Befriend some locals to get the lowdown on the best food and bands to check out.

5. Soap Suds

Take a shower. The festival goer to your right and the festival goer to your left thank you.