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Welcome back to the second edition of DHM where you'll find the ThreadSence team still trying to catch their breath. We packed our bags and JETT-setted our behinds over to NYC to visit the mad men of Modern Vice. Meet Jordan and Jensen Adoni, two overly dedicated and highly obsessed (in the best way possible, of course) designers aiming to conquer the fashion world two feet at a time. What Microsoft did to home computing, Modern Vice is doing to your sole/soul - yes, we are very proud of our puns.

We were lucky enough to take a tour inside the Modern Vice headquarters where we saw how truly passionate Jordan and Jensen are about their craft. They live, breathe, and dream shoes all day, every day. Talking to their team members, intense passion is pretty much consistent across the board. Everyone at the company

works their asses off, loves what they do, and absolutely refuses imperfection. At the end of the day, the Adoni brothers and their team handcraft nothing but perfection for us consumers to wear.

When Jordan and Jensen teamed up with our west-to-east coast loves, Natalie and Dylana Suarez, to mastermind one of THE sickest shoes on the market, we died a beautiful death. And then we ordered a few pairs to sell on our site, duh. We could go on forever about how much we respect, love, admire, and envy these guys, but we'd rather let you check them out for yourself while we run around the office in our Modern Vice shoes.

We raise our JETTs to you, Jordan and Jensen..