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Oops, we did it again. We're just not sure how we keep landing these one-on-one sessions with some of the hottest designers in fashion right now. But if you don't mind, we'll continue on giving you a closer look at some of today's industry movers and shakers. And speaking of movers, we hooked up with quite the dancing queen from down under in this edition of DHM. We were warned by our very own Liz from Late Afternoon about the awesomeness of Rachel Zeilic, one half of the amazing designing duo over at Stylestalker. Similar to their designs, Rachel and her partner Sue-Ann are kicking ass and taking names in the fashion world. We hooked up with Rachel during New York Fashion Week,

and needless to say, she's identical to her designs: sexy, cute, and loads of fun. When we weren't out wrecking NYC, we spent some quality time getting to know Rachel and the journey that took her and Stylestalker from Australia up to the states. It's still shocking to meet designers of up and coming or established brands that are terrific in every which way. We won't lie, we majorly crush on Rachel, and we are damn sure you will too. Peep the interview, fall in love with the pictures, rock some Stylestalker pieces, and we double dog dare you not to not to fall head over heels.

Locked, Stylestalked, and ready to go.