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Does this festival even need an introduction? It’s the biggest of the fests, and it can’t be missed. The Festival That Must Not Be Named is known for its sunny Cali weather, big name acts, and the best of the best summer indie fashion. We await the lineup announcement with hushed excitement, and then have mini-freak outs at our desks when it’s finally up. Of all the festivals, this is the one to which you need to bring your sartorial A-game with killer festival clothing. Pack accordingly.

1. Desert town

Be prepared for desert heat and desert cold and a cocktail of of dirt, grunge, and sweat with sunblock, hats, sunnies, bikini tops, bikini bottoms, loose festival clothing, and loads of water.

2. Festival munching

To not eat the crab garlic fries is tantamount to a festival crime. If you aren’t a crab fan, then make sure you get beer battered garlic fries from the same place.

3. Rush Hour

You know what’s really fun? Sitting on the 10 East in a line of cars that refuses to budge. Oh. That doesn’t sound awesome to you? Arrive early.

4. Sleep Time

First, let us suggest that you get some sleep. Else how will you rage tomorrow? Second, let us further suggest you not get that sleep in an overpriced hotel. Get yourself a camping pass or go in on renting a house with friends, your bank account will be glad you did.

5. Best view

Ride the ferris wheel at night. From the top you will have the best view of the main stage, and it’s beyond amazing.