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Music discoveries abound at Lollapalooza, and this Grant Park-based fest is sure to be the highlight of the music festival season for any tuneage-loving urbanite. Lolla is the opposite of the tramping through mud camping fests where you’re busy trying to keep your tent from flailing in the wind. In between the awesome shows, leave the festival and explore Chicago. Since it’s an eco-friendly festival, enter into the green spirit and hop aboard a bike, courtesy of the Chicago bike share program, or pick up some festival clothing made of organic cotton from the artisan stands.

1. Summer storms

A Lollapalooza festival clothing checklist is incomplete without a raincoat for Chicago summer rain and a totally clutch extra pair of socks.

2. Get to know Chi-Town

Lollapalooza is in the midst of an awesome downtown. You can come and go as you please with your wristband, so take a break from the mainstage and get some grub in the Loop, go for an urban exploration, and take a spin around the Art Institute.

3. Encore

Stay for the official post-concert gigs. Obviously. If there’s still music playing, why would you leave?

4. Perry’s Stage

Get yourself to Perry’s Stage immediately. This is where it’s at. You can thank us now for directing you to the riotous heart and soul of Lollapalooza.

5. Beer O’Clock

There’s nothing so necessary as some downtime between sets, to chill out after rocking out and get ready to go again. The prime spot to get refreshed at Lolla is Lederhosen’s Biergarten, where cold craft-brewed beers await.