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When it came time to start planning our holiday outfits, we instantly thought of power couples – together they’re invincible, individually they’re both awesome. This season, the power couples we’re obsessed with are textures: sexy-tough lace and leather, starlet-glam fur and velvet, glitzy-luxe sequins and brocade. When these textures team up, it’s a straight shot to holiday outfit glory. But even after the tinsel and mistletoe has been taken down, these textures will still go the mile in your everyday 'fits.

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So instead of running out and buying those holiday outfits that stay tucked in the back of your closet for the rest of the year gathering mothballs, opt for luxe textures that equal glam sophistication for swanky soirees when paired up for the holidays and everyday style afterwards. Mixing two luxe textures is an all-out glam approach to holiday outfits, but everyday style requires a more balanced take. A holiday outfit with lace and leather is where demure sexiness meets biker tough - but for everyday style, team lace up with a hoodie and boots and pair leather with soft tees and floaty kimonos. Fur and velvet collide for an utterly glam holiday outfit, but both textures are rad later too. Wear fur for a boho vibe with neutrals and florals, like a maxi skirt and casual long-sleeve tee, and treat velvet like it’s a neutral, wearing it with prints and geometric patterns for an unexpected contrast. With sequins and brocade in your holiday outfit, the Jazz Age meets the Victorian era for an awesomely ornate look. But you can take sequins into your daily ‘fit with slouchy tomboy staples, and mix brocade with cozy knits to balance out the ornate vibe. Shop our collection of luxe textures for holiday outfits that break down to everyday essentials.