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Contact us at: HELLO@THREADSENCE.COM for fast and friendly service!

We’re here for you! We’re responding to emails as fast as we can, and we’re taking care to resolve your concerns. Please contact us at - we’ll be fast at responding. Due to the extraordinary circumstances, we’re unable to answer the phone lines just yet. We’re here working late to answer your questions and take care of your orders!

We hope these quick FAQs will help ease your concerns as well:

Returns FAQs:

  • Q: I have a problem with an order placed during Final Sale. What should I do?

  • A: Contact us at and we’ll help you resolve it quickly. To speed up the process, please include your order number or the items that you need help with. 

  • Q: I never received my refund for a return, what is the status of my return?

  • A: That’s not supposed to happen! Please contact us at and we’ll look into it for you asap! To speed up the process, please include your order number or the items that you need help with. 

  • Q: I bought a product during the Final Sale period that was defective. Can I request easy returns for store credit or a refund?

  • A: We’re back! Definitely please contact us at so we can take care of your order.

  • Q: I need to send in my return, has your address changed?

  • A: We’re still here, please send returns to:

ThreadSence Returns

131 N Gilbert St

Fullerton, CA 92833

*Quick Tip: makes it easy to print a label right from your home, they even offer better pricing than if you were to go into the post office. They also include free insurance, tracking, and delivery confirmation. Please do not require a signature confirmation. Our local Fullerton Post Office management team takes great care of your returns to us.

  • Q: Do you still offer free prepaid return labels for store credit?

  • A: We currently offer prepaid return labels under circumstances such as defective items or orders, on a case by case basis. We are working on bringing this back for everyone soon!

Shipping FAQs:

  • Q: Are you still shipping internationally?

  • A: Absolutely! We love all of our customers, let us know how we can help with your orders.

  • Q: Do you offer overnight shipping options anymore?

  • A: We currently offer USPS Express for orders in the US, and they typically arrive 1 business day for the west coast, and 2 business days for the east coast, after shipment.

  • Q: Do you still offer Free Shipping on orders over $75?

  • A: Definitely! We’re working with USPS to get orders out as quickly as possible. We will automatically upgrade larger orders (over 1lb for domestic, over 4lbs for international) to Priority Mail too!

General Shop FAQs:


  • Q: Are you going to change the brand and products?

  • A: We're going to keep everything as close to what it was before as possible with the look and feel, and continue creating from there! 

  • Q: When are you going to post new products? 

  • A: We're going to post as frequently as possible. We have hundreds of new products coming soon! We'll restock the site with lots to choose from. 


  • Q: I have a gift card or store credit! Is my gift card / store credit still going to work?

  • A: Absolutely! We’re also working quickly to post lots of new items and restock the site so you aren’t stuck with limited options. Stay tuned for more!

  • Q: Can I still pick up in store?

  • A: Not yet, we’re working on it asap!

  • Q: What will happen to my old account and order history?

  • A: It’s all still here! We’re keeping things as close to normal as possible. You can still log in with your same username and password. If you need help, email us and we’ll help you out.

For more general information, please see our Customer Care Page - or contact us at HELLO@THREADSENCE.COM for fast, friendly service!