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Gray skies and chilly temps are exactly the climate backdrop we need for badass layering, so we’re not feeling down with winter blues. Narrowing down our currently coveting list wasn’t easy, but a closet without these 11 winter fashion essentials would just be bad for your health. Any winter fashion survival kit would be incomplete without hobo bags, sparkly dresses, plaid shirts, beanies, knee high boots, sunglasses, striped tops, statement necklaces, leather pants, fur coats, and winter gloves.

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You know what they say: An ankle boot a day keeps the doctor away (sage wisdom since a girl can never have too many pairs of boots). The key to winter outfits is layering, but not in a bulky, boring sort of way. Leave that to the bag ladies. For a slouchy, tomboy cool winter outfit, team up a plaid shirt or striped top with punk-chic leather pants (alternatively leather leggings or leather skirts, because leather bottoms are always a good idea), knee high boots, and a beanie. Winter fashion mandates you own at least one sparkly dress for party hopping, and it’s instantly more fabulous with a luxe fur coat that screams high society rebel. Printed hobo bags are a winter fashion must for letting us carry around a chunky knit scarf at all times, winter gloves to keep our hands from going naked in the cold, sunglasses for those bright winter days, and all other daily essentials. Whether your winter outfit is party-going glam or layered bohemian, the right statement necklace is the final puzzle piece to winter fashion awesomeness. Shop our winter survival kit to gather everything you need to make it through the cold front.